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  • Published: 05/20/2020
  • Installations: 132
  • Version: 1
  • Description

    Idea Management App (crowdsourcing, idea database, suggestion box, innovations, efficiency proposal, rationalization proposal) may be of use in the following cases:

    • A simple and handy gathering tool for ideas and suggestions in various subjects among employees;
    • Crowdsourcing, suggestion box, idea database;
    • Search of process faults (using lean production approach);
    • Increase in project and system efficiency.

    Economic impact (per year) of implementing suggestions in regard to reducing operating expenditure (according to public sources):

    • Canon – $84 mln;
    • Audi – $26 mln;
    • NLMK group – $7,5 mln.

    It is vital not only to gather ideas but to implement them!

    Advantages of the approach proposed by the app:

    • Idea presentation:
      • Suggestion gathering system - a simple and user-friendly form
      • Scoring system - a rapid efficiency evaluation of suggestions and ideas (no need to consider complex methods of idea efficiency evaluation)
    • Idea coordination and approval
      • Flexible coordination and approval system for any organization or coordination type. Functions include adding unlimited number of employees
      • Idea archives
    • Idea discussion
      • Discussion of ideas and likes, adding files, notification system
    • Idea database
      • Full text search through the database
      • A variety of idea filters
      • Adding ideas to Favourites
    • Idea implementation
      • Binding ideas to your Bitrix24 tasks. Each idea is transformed into one or several tasks with designated coordinators and deadlines
      • As task execution proceeds, idea status is changed, and all task statuses are displayed on idea status

    The said feature set for paid solutions costs minimum millions or more. Should you implement a free solution you will not be able to get a desired effect as ideas will not be implemented, and employees will be demotivated. Only Bitrix24 offers you an opportunity to get access to the best practices in this field.

    The app is free. However, it has restrictions on the number of ideas added. Rates for

    removing restrictions:

    11 - 100 ideas per month - 1 month 30.00 USD

    11 - 100 ideas per month - 3 months 81.00 USD

    11 - 100 ideas per month - 6 months 144.00 USD

    101 and more ideas per month - 1 months 100.00 USD

    101 and more ideas per month - 3 months 270.00 USD

    101 and more ideas per month - 6 months 480.00 USD

    Detailed user guide is available at Google Doc

  • Versions

    Version 1
    The app is designed for gathering the ideas of personnel aimed at increasing project and system efficiency.

  • Support
  • Install
    The app has standard installation procedure completed from your Bitrix24 interface.
    Detailed user guide is available at Google Doc
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