Lessons Learned

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  • Published: 06/26/2020
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  • Version: 1
  • Description

    System functions and features:

    ● Capturing, analyzing, discussing lessons in accordance with the pattern developed from best practices

    ● Forming the lessons learned database

    ● Linking to tasks - lessons are transformed into improvement tasks

    ● Flexible and adjustable coordination processes

    ● Lesson statuses

    ● The system can be integrated in the processes of any organization

    ● Suitable for any industries and scales

    ● The methodology is provided free of charge when purchasing a сommercial version (based on the experience of hundreds of global implementation projects around the world). Contact us to get the document.

    ● Foreign equivalents of such systems cost hundreds of thousands dollars of annual subscription

    The app is free. However, it has restrictions on the number of ideas added. Rates for removing restrictions:

    11 - 100 lessons per month - 1 month 30.00 USD

    11 - 100 lessons per month - 3 months 81.00 USD

    11 - 100 lessons per month - 6 months 144.00 USD

    101 and more lessons per month - 1 months 100.00 USD

    101 and more lessons per month - 3 months 270.00 USD

    101 and more lessons per month - 6 months 480.00 USD

  • Versions

    Version 1
    Lesson Learning System can add value in the following cases:
    ●If you want to learn from your mistakes, get lessons learned and form the best practices
    ●For identifying defects in processes (in compliance with the lean production concept)
    For increasing the efficiency of your projects and tasks (reducing time and cost, increasing quality and performance)

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    Complete standard installation procedure from your Bitrix24 interface.

    User guide available via the link

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